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2023 Rogue Gas Leak/Gas Fumes/Engineering Review/Recall

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2023 Rogue-Same gas smell inside cabin and outside of car as others here have reported. Took the Rogue to the local Nissan dealership yesterday, and they said Nissan is aware of the issue and that the Rogue is under Engineering Review. Nissan dealership said they checked for gas leaks to make sure there was no safety problem, but that there was nothing else to do until Nissan issues a recall or figures out a fix for wherever the gas is leaking. Dealership said I had to be able to visually see leak and not just smell gasoline for them to do more. Also, I stay in the mid 20s for gas mileage even though I drive on Eco. Contacted national Nissan # and supposedly someone should be contacting me, but I see others have had no luck resolving this issue either. Unsure of what next steps should be
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just order the nissan rogue 2023 midnight for my wife, then saw so many complaints for the 2023 model.
based on this form, i saw canada customer have the same issue too. both US made Japan model have this problem. and someone mentioned the KD15 engine are all from japan. For me if the mechanic from dealer cant find the problem means the problem are from the engine which they will/can not check unless they open up the engine.
this KD15 start to use since 2022 at higher trim and for a period of time nothing happend to the most of 2022 model. which means there is a series of KD15 engine during a certain period of time are not good (maybe due to the shortage of pieces,they use some replacement)。
strongly suggest you guys compare the engine SN to identify if they are mostly the same production period.
also, the shows that the highest complaint of 2023 rogue are other fuel system problems, most of them are gas smell. the most early complaint since oct.2022 with 2022 model.
i assume nissan know exactly what they did cause this problem and maybe fixed it already in the new production(dealer told me the one i ordered is a 2023.5 version.why a .5 version come out if theres no major problem?) .but they will not make a recall cause its a engine problem that gonna cost big to fix it and due to covid shortage, they of cause will delay their action.
i strongly suggest who have the problem with rogue try to exchange a pathfinder with your dealer. i have the pathfinder 2023 demo(6000km already) for 2 weeks, everything works well, 10years tested vq35 with 9at. compare with lawsuit and angry, with less cost upgrade to a less problem one make more sence, also, i figer out almost every nissan dealer have more pathfinder in inventory.
ill hang up my purchase and wait to see whats going on.
i was the first 5gen 17CRV buyer too, with creamy engine oil issue, honda fixed the problem after, but never to the 17 model. what imean is every car manufactor are good at calculate to save money, and their reputation are just nothing, becareful with covid year cars and dont try the new gen too early.
good luck guys.
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does the problem of gas smelling affect only the new rogue with 1.5 L T or there are some cases with the 2.5 L
seems only the 1.5T have this kind of problem, both US and Canada version, but someone said even the US made 1.5T engines are from japan.
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