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2023 Rogue Gas Leak/Gas Fumes/Engineering Review/Recall

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2023 Rogue-Same gas smell inside cabin and outside of car as others here have reported. Took the Rogue to the local Nissan dealership yesterday, and they said Nissan is aware of the issue and that the Rogue is under Engineering Review. Nissan dealership said they checked for gas leaks to make sure there was no safety problem, but that there was nothing else to do until Nissan issues a recall or figures out a fix for wherever the gas is leaking. Dealership said I had to be able to visually see leak and not just smell gasoline for them to do more. Also, I stay in the mid 20s for gas mileage even though I drive on Eco. Contacted national Nissan # and supposedly someone should be contacting me, but I see others have had no luck resolving this issue either. Unsure of what next steps should be
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I've had this issue for a while as well, probably 2-3k miles, sitting at 8k now. MPG decreased substantially when it started. The other day I noticed that the oil smells extremely strong of fuel, in addition to the level being higher than it was after the last oil change. So it seems that either the oil/fuel dilution is really, really high similar to the problem Honda 1.5Ls had, or the injectors are leaking into the top of the engine after shutdown. Has anyone else smelled their oil to see if it also smells of gas? And is the level higher?

I requested the Blackstone oil analysis kit which will arrive tomorrow, so hopefully in a couple of weeks we will know if it's a severe dilution issue. 2% is the max acceptable tolerance for fuel dilution but I dread it's going to be +10%.
There's technician "tip sheet" out which basically acknowledges that Nissan doesn't have an answer yet but instructs dealerships to document instances. No bulletin yet, so we techs still don't have a fix. They don't have us checking the sticks, so I'm pretty sure they don't think it's a dilution issue.
Will techs/dealers perform a dilution test if requested? Out of pocket or otherwise? Thinking that if it comes time to lawyer up they will want to do their own testing on top of the independent lab test I am having done. Would be nice to have that done in advance.
I can't say anything more at this time, but I can disclose that Engineering has found the source of the problem and there are parts being manufactured as we speak. They'll be issuing a service bulletin as soon as the parts chain catches up. I'm told the problem is a materials issue in the PCV system related to winter fuel (porous rubber would be my educated guess), and that the problem is almost totally limited to areas with temperatures below freezing. The fix is on the way.
What a relief, thank you for the update!

thanks for the update .... "the problem is almost totally limited to areas with temperatures below freezing" it seems there are some buyers living in hot region too, if I recall correctly the previous posts
Yes, but only during the winter time. I bought the car in March 22 and it was warm rest of that year, then this year has been colder than last and it has been a constant smell since.

My girlfriends 2022 Rogue regularly smells like gasoline after sitting in the garage. We're in the Tucson area (it occasionally dips below freezing, but this is definitely not a cold climate)..
Hello, fellow Tucsonan. AFAIK we do get the winter blend in order to reduce the smog in the winter time and meet EPA requirements. Areas outside of the two major metro areas can use "conventional gas" year round. I just hope this TSB comes out before the winter blend goes away and the problem is no longer replicable.

since the hose replacement I haven’t smelled gas and it seems my mileage is better. It’s been one day so keep that in mind. More to follow…
Also relieved to hear about the MPG increase because I've seen a huuuuge dip since this started, around 6-8 MPG. Haven't hit 31 since.
I just got done with my appointment. The hose they replaced was a PCV hose according to the write up
Did they list a part number on the write up?
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