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2023 Nissan Rogue SL with Premium Package

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Does the 2023 Rogue SL with Premium Package not come with front LED turn signals? Is this reserved just for Platinum? If so, this is disappointing because I couldn't find any documentation on this. Can I swap them out?

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Lasfit led bulbs for turn signals front and rear are what I installed
Link to the bulbs or part number please?
Hi @alex.ti.luna - as best as I can tell, the SL with premium package does not have LED turn signal lamps. It was the same for my 2022 Pathfinder SL (with or without the premium package).
A few of the guys tired installing LED bulbs for the turn signals. Eventually (and it didn't take long, the lamps began hyper-flashing so, that fix did not work.
Are you certain the platinum rogue comes with LED turn signals? I am not seeing it listed for any trim level in the Nissan brochure. Here is a link to the brochure for your convenience: file:///D:/Leon/Rogue/2023-nissan-rogue-brochure-en.pdf
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