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We purchased a new 2021 Kicks SV with automatic climate control. We are trying to understand what it is doing, as its behaviour is puzzling. So, there is a temperature knob, connected to a digital display which will only go to a minimum of 18.0 C. Under the following scenario:
  • Auto (on or off, doesn't matter)
  • A/C off
  • Fan speed medium
  • Temperature setting 18.0 C
  • outside air temperature 3 C
  • what it does: blows cold air (not A/C cold air)

Now, when I set the temperature to 18.5 C and above, then it blows warm air. Also, when I change the setting between 18.5 and 18.0, there is an audible sound indicating that some mechanism is being triggered.

The manual covering the automatic climate control is all of one page, and is not helpful. Does any one have an explanation on the system is doing?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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