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2017 Nissan Versa SV (Special Edition)

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I've been driving for a little over 13 months now.
Lots of times I'll refuel at about 34-45 miles to empty.
However, naturally if I wait too long and don't fuel soon, the dash will flash "----" and have 2 bars left.
So, the question is: how long can I wait before it's critical to fuel?
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It's better to refuel before the tank gets too low. The gas in the tank also helps keep the fuel pump cool therefore usually lasting longer. A new fuel pump for these cars run several hundred dollars. I always try to refuel at about 1/4 tank. I think since I've owned my '16 Versa in Feb. 2019 it has got low enough to started flashing "----" one time. It doesn't cost anymore to keep a full tank than an empty one. You also need to remember "miles to empty" is nothing more than an estimate and if it's like my MPG readout that is consistently 4-7 MPG off it's a pretty poor estimate.
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