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I have been working with the dealer on this issue since August(car still under warranty) to no avail . Here is what happens

When playing music from :
1) USB thumbdrive (what I usually do)
2) Music CD
3) Bluetooth stream from smartphone

If I select a map destination and tell the navigation software to 'Start' guidance the audio track/title as displayed on the instrument cluster will eventually stop updating and no longer match what is being shown on the map display .
It does this if I just let the songs play from one to another or if I hit the skip to next song button .

I told he service adviser back in August that this looked like a software problem (I have worked with computers since 1973) .
So far the dealership has:

1)updated the 'radio' software
2)replaced the AV system
3)replaced the instrument cluster

I hoped #1 would fix it but it did not .

My question to this forum is if anyone else has noticed this . Is there anyone out there that can attempt to reproduce this issue ?
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