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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. I am looking to upgrade my 1.8l mra8de without swapping to another engine. I know that they are not alot of parts available for this motor. However in the last 2 months of research I have discovered that there are some. I cannot locate any manufacturer private or public that has a turbo manifold for this engine. Backstory real quick.
The car was gifted to me as a vehicle i am going to build for my youngest sons first car. 2015 Sentra SV 72,000 odo, 1 owner, no accidents and garage kept. Yes, I do believe i will take it for free. Now gettting ready to throw some boost on it if I can find the exhaust manifold. Has cold air intake, custom made 2.5" exhaust(cause no one makes them either), throttle response controller, jet mass air flow sensor, bc racing coilover, 18" rims is my upgrades at this point on it. I know i risk blowing the motor with boosting a n/a engine due to increased hrspwr and high compression of9.9 to 1 in this engine but only plan on running 8-10 pounds of boost. Hey, its his first car and what better way to catch the obsession of modding engines than to have to change your own after you blow it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What other year parts will corispond with this engine as well
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