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I tried several times to get Nissan to update the maps for my 2015 Rogue I paid top dollar for new with the navigation system. Finally gave them six months to get it done or else I would sell my Nissan and would never own another. Six months and one day kater, I sold it and am a happy Toyota owner since.

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Here. I copied your post and inserted it here
''Many of you have complained how Nissan has dropped the ball on the 2014/2015 and possibly 2016 Nissan Rogue map updates. After scrounging around different forums, I have learned that they either they had a corrupt firmware out there, or they changed firmware/map developers and the system was incompatible (hence no Navigation Map Updates) without doing a firmware upgrade which meant a trip to the dealership.

There is a fix. In order to load the new maps you need to be on the latest firmware. However to get the firmware, you have pay Nissan Techs to install it since you are out of warranty. So the dealer charges about $150 to upgrade your firmware, and then another $150 to get the maps. You can do this yourself for less if you choose, below are the instructions.

Most car manufacturers (Ford, Mitsubishi, Subaru, others) allow you to download the firmware and do the upgrades yourself.

Luckily, a user on another forum was able to get the firmware for his or her Xterra when their technician left the USB Stick in the car by mistake. The Xterra, Altima, Rogue and others use the same NissanConnect Navigation system.

To be able to get new maps, you need to do two things:
1. Upgrade the Firmware on your 2014/2015 and maybe 2016 Nav System to version D407 if you are not on that currently.
2. Buy new maps (either from the manufacture know as Here aka or via ebay)

I have used this process and was successful. I was on version D207 of the Navigation Firmware and Upgraded.

To determine if you have version D407 or newer you have to get into the secret diagnostic menu. The instructions are in the TSB below, but basically you hold down the Apps Button while turning the Tune knob 90 degrees left, then 90 right, then left and right again. You should see a system tab and you can get the details in there.

Here are the steps to upgrade your firmware:
1. Download Firmware on to your PC from this location:
Second Generation Nissan Xterra Forums ... ost4272548

2. Acquire an 8GB USB Stick (I believe the firmware uses a little over 3.6 GB of space, so a 4GB stick may work)

3. Format the USB Stick FAT32

4. Unzip the downloaded firmware to into a folder (default puts it into a folder on your PC called Xterra_Firmware)

5. Copy the contents of that XTerra_Fimware folder to the root of USB stick

6. Download the NTB15-011 PDF Instructions which can be found here (may have to create free account and download by clicking the diskette icon) Forums ... &catid=888

7. Follow the instructions in the NTB on how to load the firmware into the system. It takes about 35-40 minutes, so I did it on my drive to work.

8. It will reboot when it is finished. It will then load the maps (takes a few min) and might cycle a few times. You will only lose your Bluetooth association to the phone so you will need to re-pair that, all other settings and info is retained.

Now that you have the new firmware, you are free to use any new maps (2016 or newer).
Here are the instructions for loading new maps:
1. Acquire maps from Nissan's Official map source which is HERE (formerly known as Navteq), links can be found on Nissans site, but ultimately they point to you At the time of this writing maps were $150 + shipping for version 10


1. Acquire maps from Ebay purchasing used SD cards from previous Nissans. You can also purchase unused from Nissan Dealers online or locally. Here are the part numbers for your Rogue:
2018 Update is Version 9 and is part# 25920 9HT0A
2019 Update is Version 10 and is part# 25920 9HT0B

I was able to do V9 as that was the only thing reasonably priced on ebay at the time of my purchase (since I was trying to figure it out, I wasn't ready to shell out $150 as test).

2. Install the maps, by starting the car, powering on the radio and removing the current SD Card (behind the cover next to the CD slot).

3. Insert the card and follow the on screen instructions. It will look the same as below in the video that someone made.

4. Mine did two different map component upgrades, with reboots in between which it did on its own, so you may have multiple upgrades.

5. After all the updates are complete, it may take a few minutes for it to find your location based on the satellites.

With this you should be done.... And now for future maps, just order latest maps for a 2016 Nissan Rogue as your radio is now current to 2016 code.

Thank you to all the people who posted on those sites or created videos, with out their info, I couldn't assemble this how-to.

Hope this helps!''

Well done for this, I am sure it will help some people.
Could you please provide the link again it doesn't take you right to where the update is please and thank you.

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I have the same issue with my 2014 Nissan Rogue Nav unit. One of the reasons I purchased the pre-owned SL model was to get the Nav unit. Much to my surprise no updates for the unit - dealer sure didn't mention it when I purchased the vehicle. Needless to say I was upset - I tried going through the dealer - same runaround, need to deal with Nissan. When dealing with Nissan they indicated that it was a Nav issue and they were working on it. Finally I worked for a better part of a day working my way up through Nissan Canada and was finally able to talk to one of the Marketing Manager for Nissan Canada. They indicated that it was in the works but would not commit to any timeline. After a considerable period of time on the phone I was able to get them to provide me with an after market GPS unit of my choice. This obviously does not resolve the issue with the Nav unit - but at least it was something. I will say I will not purchase another Nissan product - if Nissan will not address a problem like the Nav unit they will unlikely address other design or engineering issues.
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