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My son has a 2013 Sentra SV that is having issues with the heater. I haven't found any threads with this particular problem (some pre-2008 issues, but not 2013 and above). So here goes...

The car blows air, but it is cold. Well, not cold, but not hot either. Just warmish. It seems to be coming out of all the vents it is supposed to and varies on the amount of air depending on the blower speed control dial. I'm guessing that would tell me the fuses are OK and most likely blower is working as it should.

I checked the antifreeze level. It was fine.

Then replaced the thermostat. Apparently wasn't the cause.

Flushed the system and replaced antifreeze. Didn't help.

Made sure we burped the system, too. Nope.

Then we back-flushed the heater coil. Nothing gunky came out of it and there was good flow. Topped off radiator and burped. Still no warm air.

I've been reading about a possible faulty heater control valve, but can't find it to save my life. Not sure if it might be inside the water outlet piece that houses the thermostat?

I went inside the car and re-checked the blower motor. It seems to work properly from lowest to highest setting.

Removed the heater/ac control to see if there was a cable that mechanically linked to the heater control valve (the one I can't find). There wasn't one. It is just an electrical plug connection, so a bad cable likely isn't the answer.

Anybody know of any other components that I may take a look at? Something I've obviously overlooked? The heaters in my old VW were much simpler than this. All I needed to fix those was a coat hanger and a pair of pliers.

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The mode doors are controlled by electric actuators. It's possible that the one for that controls the temperature is not working. If you have auto climate control, there is likely a self-diagnostic procedure that can be run. Refer to the factory service manual for that and for the diagnostic procedures for your symptom, which should be listed on a symptom chard in the FSM. Nico Club's site has free, complete service manuals available.
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