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2013-2018 Altima Parts for sale!

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Hey everyone! Recently, I lost my beloved 2013 L33 Altima due to an electrical issue caused by the fog lights wiring harness mishap. It was a hard pill to swallow. It was my first brand new car and I owned the title. That car and I had been through a lot so it was very hard to part ways. I put a lot of money and time into modifications and customizations. Now I own a 2022 Altima L34 SR VC Turbo. I have many leftover parts/items that I was going to install on my 2013 Altima but no longer have use and I would at least like get some of my money back by selling them at a discount. Most parts are BRAND NEW. I will be using PayPal.

Send me a direct message for pictures, to make a purchase and discuss shipping. Thank you so much.

1. Muffler mounts $30
2. Paddle Shifters $79
3. Steering Wheel back cover $15
4. Jet Performance Xcelerator by JET® $225
5. Strut tower brace (Ultra Racing) $150
6. Lower engine splash guard $60
7. Battery [+] cover $9
8. KSport Coilovers $750
9. Rear adjustable Toe Arms $60
10. Stock OEM Spoiler (blue) $150
11. Weathertech front liner mats $100
12. Trunk Chrome Trim $60
13. Center console arm rest w/red stitching $15
14. New Gauge Cluster (speedometer, tacho, etc) $50
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