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A 2011 maxima came into the shop two days ago, mechanic replaced the ac pressure switch on the condenser. That is all that was touched, now the car will not start.

Here's what it does.

Foot off the brake, push button, it will go to acc, push again, go to on.
Foot on the brake, push button, it will go to acc then snap to on/start. But starter is not engaging.

No power to the small wire on the starter solenoid. The main battery-starter wire does have power at the starter. It is NOT the brake switch, tried a new switch, even jumped the wires on it to bypass it completely. Does the same thing. Checked EVERY fuse, with a test light, and pulling each one and visually checking.

Cannot find a starter fuse or relay. None listed on any of the fuse panels. Is there a hidden fuse panel in this car? Only two we see is the one under the driver dash and the one beside the battery.

Car will start if the starter is jumped. Rules out bad starter.

Need some help quick with this thing, trying to keep from having it taken to the dealer.
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