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I had a 240sx and frankly I got an SE-R because of the SR20DE.

The ka24de is a truck motor. If you look at a stock dyno it has more torque than horse. After that magic number ...(approx. 5300rpms) the ka24de's motor expieriences a negative slope in its horsepower curve. I felt this all the time! I would get gobs of tire smoking bravado then the power would just melt south. I would agree that its not a huge drop however, you cant just compare horse vs torque peak powers (150 vs. 155). Once you take a look at the dyno you can see.

The car essentially "Accelerates at a Decreasing Rate." Some of you might know exactly what I mean.

For example, take almost any honda.... They rely entirely on their horse power. And rightly so. It just keeps increasing and increasing. In this fasion they reach their peak power at the end of every gear...right around 8 grand.

Now look at a N/A 300zx. They have way more torque than horse ( comparable to the ka24de ). They reach their peak power in first gear and then only see remenents of it as they shift through higher gears. This is why they beat so many off the line only to get passed in higher gears.

Sorry that was so long.

Well, shoot away.
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