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200sx SE-R vs. Civic Si

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2000 Civic Si
- Injen CAI
- Greddy Evo Exhaust
- Headers (dont know brand)

est. HP - 175-180 est. Torque - 120-122lbs

200SX SE-R
- Hotshot CAI

est. 148hp est. Torque - 140lbs

Took off down level road. I was out in front by about a car length for awhile. I think it was my torque advantage that helped it. So I was ahead for quite awhile up until about 45-50mph then he slowly creeped past me with his V-TEC:rolleyes: Shut it down at about 65-70 cuz I had to turn.
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Somethig about those civic SI's that has everyone worrying. Just imagine a CRX with an H22a in it and then you guys would really be in trouble, right? An Se-r driven by a decent driver should be able to hand an Si a spanking. If you don't understand your power band and when is the appropriate time to shift, you're just out there wasting gas and cruising to be smoked. I was smoking Si's with a CA18DE in my 1987 nissan sentra and those guys in the Si's had the strangest looks on their faces like "WTF" was that all about. Hp is just part of the equation. You also have power to weight, aerodynamics, mods, torque and the weight of the driver (just kidding):). But rest assure that most hondas on the race scene are modded in some fashion and their shifting mechanisms puts nissan's to shame. The aftermarket supports hondas and mitsubishis heavily so I don't care to hear excuses about none of them and why they lose races. We nissan owners (especially pre-1991 enthusiasts) have to fabricate, hybrid and do without some parts because there is no support. No excuses here either because these are the choices we made and I am very content with mine and you guys should be too.
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this is me trying to be undisgruntled.
I feel you...:)
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