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200sx SE-R vs. Civic Si

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2000 Civic Si
- Injen CAI
- Greddy Evo Exhaust
- Headers (dont know brand)

est. HP - 175-180 est. Torque - 120-122lbs

200SX SE-R
- Hotshot CAI

est. 148hp est. Torque - 140lbs

Took off down level road. I was out in front by about a car length for awhile. I think it was my torque advantage that helped it. So I was ahead for quite awhile up until about 45-50mph then he slowly creeped past me with his V-TEC:rolleyes: Shut it down at about 65-70 cuz I had to turn.
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uhhhhhhhhh...................ricer knowledge>all book smarts

dude.....VTEC wasn't what made him pass you..........his 140+whp opposed to your 125ish whp.


"he passed me cuz of his VTEC, not because he has like 25-35 more hp than me"

edit- BTW, you don't have any 140 lb-ft torque either buddy.
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