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200sx restoration underway. couple questions

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hey, im new to this section of the forum, i just got a 97 200sx for $500, it has a bad starter, but will still start, a bad flexpipe and some electrical issues.

such as when i am driving, the airbag stays lit. and the lights for the gauges do not come on when i turn my lights on, any fixes for these other than fuses? i will be checking fuses in the a.m.

all help appreciated
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I have swapped out the entire instrument cluster in my 95 200sx because my odometer was not working but the Speed-o-meter was. I used the same model unit for the 200sx that has the tac. The reg Sentra does not have a tach. Don't know about the Altima gauges etc like you asked.

The speedometer, tip meter and cruise control are all electronic and are feed by the speed sensor on the transmission via the computer.

If your Speedometer is not working and your cruise control is not working either then it is probably the speed sensor in the top of the transmission near the firewall, or the wiring to it from the computer. If the cruise works but not the speedometer then suspect the speedometer unit or the connections on the back of it to the computer.

That starter is a bear to get to with everything still in place on the car.
I have replaced mine but it was with passenger side the CV axle removed and I have a lift so it was not too bad. This was an automatic trans. I can not remember if the manual trans is the same or not. At least on the automatic the two bolts for the starter are reached from both the top and bottom, one from each direction. Here are a few photos explaining the location of the top bolt. The lower bolt is just on the opposite side of the starter motor hollow in the trans housing show in those photos and is reached from underneath along with the battery and starter solenoid wires. The lower bolt can be seen below the starter moter in the third photo link below. That same photo shows the speed sensor just to the left of the starter and down. It is on top of the transmission and a harness connector plugs into that squarish gray box on top of it. A set bolt holds the sensor in place on the transmission. Loosen and take the bolt out and pull straight up to remove the sensor I believe. my sensor still worked but the nylon gear on it was worn down so far it was not touching the gear in the trans anymore.

Starter motor removal pic2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Starter motor removal pic1 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Also, feel free to check out my other pics. I have several of the 1.6L 200sx with the engine out of the car in various stages of assembly. Might give you a better idea of where everything is located on the engine to see photos like this.

Twins + 1 - a set on Flickr
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Starter Motor location

Yes, I believe I remember the starter motor on my Son's 1.6L 5 speed is on top of the trans directly opposite of the position of the automatic. Much easier to change, All top side.
Starter Motor bolt loactions

Remove the upper bolt from the drivers side from above the transmission before you go below to do the rest. Here are my photos from the 1.6L but I believe they are similar to the 2.0 also.

Starter motor removal pic2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Starter motor removal pic1 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
New starter?

I agree, starter solenoid or brushes. Loose connection? Probably not but check it anyway for corrosion on the terminal before total removal.

Has the weather been different the last four days?
Or the brushes might just be loosing contact at certain places depending where is happens to stop after the last use and you have just been lucky.

I know the Nissan starter is expensive NEW but how much are the REBUILT units from the Auto Parts Stores?
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