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200sx restoration underway. couple questions

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hey, im new to this section of the forum, i just got a 97 200sx for $500, it has a bad starter, but will still start, a bad flexpipe and some electrical issues.

such as when i am driving, the airbag stays lit. and the lights for the gauges do not come on when i turn my lights on, any fixes for these other than fuses? i will be checking fuses in the a.m.

all help appreciated
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got the lights working, but now my check engine light is on along with the airbag light still. hopefully just an o2 sensor. will update you with what i diagnose.

is it posible to swap my instrument cluster with one from like a 4th gen maxima or 3rd gen sentra se-r??? preferably 4th gen max.

thanks. and im actually from south jersey
Pull the codes and see what comes back. I'd pull the plug from the cluster and be done with the light, but it you want it to work, then you need to reset it.
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