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200sx restoration underway. couple questions

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hey, im new to this section of the forum, i just got a 97 200sx for $500, it has a bad starter, but will still start, a bad flexpipe and some electrical issues.

such as when i am driving, the airbag stays lit. and the lights for the gauges do not come on when i turn my lights on, any fixes for these other than fuses? i will be checking fuses in the a.m.

all help appreciated
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the lights on the gauges...wiggle the rheostat by cruise switch, these go bad.
there is a procedure to re-set the airbag light, this is troublesome once triggered, search and you will find it.
yes starters go bad...
i guess you are up north, flex connectors go out up there so i have read here....
is it a 1.6 ?
The 1.6 manual is easier than the 1.6 auto or 2.0 manual.
The starter either is under the intake or on top of the transmission.
If its under the intake its a bear to get at.
great pictures showing the location on an auto 1.6 !!
2.0 manual is in the same position.
You cant swap non-tach to tach clusters without re-wiring the three plugs and adding a ground pin and lead.
yes, my 1.6 manual starter was on top of the trans.
Only had to change the 2.0 manual, under the intake, figures !!!
OK, since its in the same place as the SR It should be much the same....
I removed mine from under the car, disconnect the battery first
I loosened the intake brace on the passenger side upper, removed the lower attaching bolts, and upper nut on the drivers side,
The passenger upper looked too difficult for me to re-attach, so i loosened it up and swung it out the way.
Removed the solenoid leads, main and starter energizing lead.
removed the plastic clip on the lead from the brace.
remove the starter attaching bolts, squeeze it through the gap by the drive shaft.
anyone else, any advice ?
note the comment above about the bolt locations for the starter. maybe remove the upper one from above, from the transmission side before getting under the car.
got everything off EXCEPT the two bolts that hold the starter to the motor/trans. im assuming i need a swivel socket to get the bottom bolt off.

and before i go any further, occasiuonally, the starter DOES NOT crank unless i tap it from the bottom under the car, or sometimes from up top, but it has started fine 4 days straight till friday-saturday. could it be just a loose connection??? dont wanna get a starter if i really dont need it
If it works when you hit it i can think of two possible causes
1) Pre-engagement solenoid sticking. This has been reported here, search for threads, some have instructions on lubricating the assembly
2) brushes worn out. you have to take apart, inspect and if the problem you can repair yourself.
You will need either whole assembly with leads or just brushes and solder in leads. I have done this on other non Nissan cars several times. Works and is cheaper than a new starter. make sure the commutator looks OK before you start.
Good luck.....
around $150 -165
A local wrecker yard offered me alternators and starters for $40, worth checking
post the codes
Camshaft position sensor is in the distributor, and fails when there is Oil from the seal on the disc or its just broken.
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