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Snowcross is a mix of Rally, Autocross, and Road Racing. Held exclusively on the world famous Miller Motorsports Road Course in Tooele, Utah.

Combining all aspects of a drivers skill to navigate a course unlike any other, the conditions of the track are left to nature, and the course of the day. Snow, Ice, Water, Slush, Dirt, Gravel, Mud, are a few of the conditions that can be encountered.

Drivers must anticipate track conditions, speeds and tire choice in order to obtain the title of Snowcross Champion.

Drivers compete in a time trial type format. Winning place standings will be determined by taking 3 timed hot laps.

The driver with the shortest combined time from all three laps, including penalties, will receive 1st place, and so forth.

Car Classifacation

SAWD - Super All Wheel Drive (Mitsu Evo, Subaru STI, 200+hp awd cars)
AWD - All Wheel Drive
RWD - Rear Wheel Drive
FWD - Front Wheel Drive

All cars suitable for street, track, SCCA Autocross, MPRA use are allowed. Studded snow tires are not permited.

If you have any questions feel free to email [email protected] or post them here.
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