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2007 Pathfinder SE ABS not activating

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I've been checking out used Pathfinders in the 2006-2009 range. One issue I noticed yesterday while test driving one was with the brakes. I got up to 30-40mph and then slammed on the brakes to test them, as if it was an emergency. They were pretty good, but to my surprise the ABS never kicked in (as far as I could tell - on the Honda CR-V for example, you can feel the ABS hammering the brakes.) Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!
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Did you nail the pedal hard enough to lock them? The "A" in ABS stands for Anti-lock, and on a system with rear proportioning like the R51 Pathies, locking them up takes a really stiff whack, not just a hard stop.
Try testing them in a gravel lot or on a gravel road if you can find one.
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