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Hello all.. Im into nissan cars and this car is approaching its 3 years since its collection from the showroom in 2006. Car has been running great, no major issues except for its failure to start and performing under high stationary revving gets my vote for the VQ23DE as the best engine i've ever came across since the VQ30DE(A33)

Recently i feel that i should embark on a project to better spruce up the sluggish accleration from 0-60mph, which i decided to start as one of the first things i should do when i get my driving license in 2010.

Background to project
Engine-Nissan VQ23DE 2349ccV6 @175 hp and 210lb/[email protected],400 rpm.Rev limiter is 6,500rpm

Bore and stroke dimensions-85mm/95mm
Condition:Has been near-redlined on several times up to 5,300rpm.Regular servicing and still running fine.ATF flush every 40km.
Nissan 4-gear automatic(4-AT) without overdrive and with shift lock.Pattern is quite hard to adjust to when changing from P-Reversing Regular shifting [email protected] everytime when approaching a intersection ie; start and go

Suspension-Nissan inhouse stock factory design-negotiable bumps on regular city driving.Tuned for luxury segment and very prone to rocks,

Tires:Bridgestone Potenza stock tires (has never changed since getting car from showroom) Suspected tires may have hardened.May cause grip loss when negotiating corners

Rims-Nissan stock rims 16" @ 14.2kg for one rim, causing poor FC and pickup performance.

Fuel tank-70l, Ron 98 @Exxonmobil .FC-7-km/h 100% city driving

Attainable 0-100Km/h Timing: 10.8 seconds, likely due to poor gearbox se.ection, gear chage and wheelspin.

Planned Modifications

Suggested swap to VQ35DE 3498cc V6 sourced from Fairlady 350z.
Installation of Garrett TD04 Turbocharger at 0.8 bar.1.3 bar for scramble boost for 8 seconds. Hurricane Air filter.HKS oil cooler, strengthened engine to cope with increased power.Custom make Radiator and coolant.NGK spark plugs.Lag with turbo input to be rectified with Anti-Lag system

Transmission-Haldex Sequential 6-spd manual transmission/DSG with modes for auto/paddleshift or manual mode.

Exhaust-HKS Hiper Drager exhaust system 2.3" straight pipes

ECU-Piggybacked Unichip or reflash.Removal of rev limiter to 7,000rpm and remap.

Brakes-Brembo/Endless 4 pots, calipers and pads.Considering Stoptech

Tires-Goodyear Eagle F1 with Dry/wet rating.18" Enkei replica rims-8kg per rim

Fuel-Shell Formula V Power /Formula 98 as backup. Octane booster when pumping 97ron
Shell Malaysia


Headlight conversion from stock, non-xenon to Phillips Diamond white HIDs with auto levelling featre

Conversion of Taillamps to LEDs

Future upgrade to Garett T04 single turbo
Removal of leather seats, replaced with Recaro seats/Bride

Bose sound system with subwoofers

Projected cost of upgrades over three years- $80,000 USD

De-registering of car.:)

Thanks for your input ;D:newbie:

Car ready for tracking-est Feb 2014
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