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So I just got a new used 2006 2.5L S with around 85k miles. Previous owner hadn't done a manual transmission drain and refill and I decided this was the best way for me to really get to know my new car! I searched around a fair amount and found plenty of DIY pages on forums, websites--but none for my specific year (and with pictures). So here we go!

What I used:
-3 quarts Genuine Nissan MT Fluid HQ Multi 75W-85 ($12.49 a qt. from the dealership...:eek:) I know there are 4 in the picture--now I have an extra.
-2 new transmission plug gaskets/crush washers from the dealership
-Simple fluid transfer pump (got mine at harbor freight for a few bucks)
-10mm hex/allen head socket
-Jack & jackstands
-Oil/fluid drain pan
-An assistant to hold MT fluid bottles while I pumped...more later

The process:
-Get everything ready

-Jack up the car and drop it on jackstands (or whatever you use)

-Locate the drain plug and fill plug on the transmission (driver side of the engine compartment, below and a bit behind the engine...
The drain plug is positioned horizontally, facing outwards towards the L front wheel. It has a recessed 10mm hex/allen slot.

The filler plug is also positioned horizontally, facing outwards towards the L front wheel. It's a bit higher up, and located just above a little ground wire. It, too, has the 10mm slot.

Here's a shot of both the drain and fill plug to orient you. This shot is taken from the L front of the car, facing back a bit towards the tranny.

-Time for the muscle. I didn't need to use any penetrating oil, but you may. Position the drain pan under the drain plug and unscrew it.

-While it's draining, you can remove the fill plug and replace both of the gaskets. Might need a flathead screwdriver for this.

-Once drained, replace drain plug and new gasket. Should be torqued to 23-28 ft-lbs., according to the manual.

-Stick the tube from your pump into the fill hole. Make sure you do't reverse the flow! What a mess...Here is where I used an assistant. I had a friend hold the intake tube from the pump in the bottle while I held the other tube in the hole and pumped. Manual states that MTF capacity is 2 3/8 qts. So you should be around there.

-Fill it until it just dribbles out. Then put the fill plug and new gasket in and torque to specs. Give the area a wipe, clean up, and take the car for a spin. After you've done some shifting through the gears double check to make sure there's no fluid leaking.

Congratulations! :fluffy::fluffy::fluffy:

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Sorry about the big bump , it was usefull ! Thanx .
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