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2005 Sentra SE-R Spec-V Transmission

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My 2005 SE-R Spec-V has a vibration that is felt through the steering wheel. It usually starts at around 90 km/h. I only have 74,000 km on the car and I've been the only owner/driver. I changed one axle shaft and it didn't help much, balanced the tires, and it's been happening for about 6 months or so. It's been the same with my winter tires and now the new performance tires I just installed 2 months ago. When I checked the transmission fluid, it was full of brass flakes. I've got the 6-speed manual transmission in my car. Has anyone else run into this problem, and/or can anyone help me with what might be wrong? I'm guesing that it's either the bearings or the gears getting chewed up.
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Ya I was going to guess it was the tire balancing .. but you tried that already ... its probably something worse .. seems odd to happen on an 05 though
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