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Hey guys I got my wife a 2005 pathfinder that needed the head gasket replaced. I replaced the head gaskets, had the heads inspected and shaved (3 thousands of an inch) and checked the deck with a straight edge and feeler gauge which the decks are straight. i also replaced the timing chain(3),tensioners and water pump
I did a compression test prior to putting on the front cover and I got
Cyl 1- 210 psi
Cyl 2- 220 psi
Cyl 3- 220 psi

bank 2
Cyl 4- 190 psi
Cyl 5- 190 psi
Cyl 6- 195 psi
Is this normal? I looked on alldata and it stated there should be no more than 14 psi difference.
Just wanted to know if the difference will cause a misfire.
also all timing marks are aligned at their correct marks.

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The differences will not cause a misfire. Rerun the compression test but first pour about a teaspoon of motor oil into each cylinder spark plug hole; spin the crankshaft around about 2 times, then run the compression test.
Maybe bank 2 cylinders were a little dry.
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