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My first post here. We just bought a 2005 Nissan Altima (46K miles) from a used car dealer (not Nissan dealer), right before I bought the car, I noticed that there are three possible problems with the car: power valve screws being loose (a recall was issued), Crankshaft position (CKP) sensor failure and throttle position sensor failure, but my wife liked the car very much after the test drive, so we bought it anyway, hoping this one is good.

Now the car is under dealer’s warranty, I am wondering if I can bring the car to a mechanic for a check and if there are problems, I can ask the dealer to fix them.

I called a mechanic, and he said there is no way he can tell if the crankshaft position sensor and throttle position sensor are good or bad if the car currently runs well.

I called the Nissan dealer about the recall on power valve screws. Our VIN number is on the recall list, but the Nissan dealer told us the power valve screws of this specific car were checked and replaced back in 2005 by the recall, but I still got paranoid because I heard some times dealer just don’t want to the job. So can I ask a mechanic to check this fairly easily? Thanks
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