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Update as of 01-Feb-05
1) Booked Texas World Speedway April 1.
2) Checking on group rates for racer-friendly hotel in College Station for Thursday, March 31.
3) Waiting to hear from Peter Jackson if AAA can get us group rate at any of the three Embassy Suites in Austin.
4) Waiting to hear from Greg Vogel's t-shirt contact about a design.

We need help with the following:
1) email my t-shirt concept to another designer (Bruce).
2) It was requested by Luis Laprada(sp?), a graphic artist offering t-shirt designs, to post photos of previous Convention t-shirts. I will provide 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004. Who can help with 1998 and 2002?
3) Update SERCA site to provide latest Convention info and set up registration page (Kyle or Kurt).
4) Arrange park in Austin for Sunday, April 3 (Anyone? Anyone?)
5) Arrange caterer for Sunday, April 3 (Bueller?)
6) Tickle CAG to send Convention stuff he promised late last year.
7) Do we want track concession stand operating for our event? If we can get more than 40 cars we have no financial obligation for them to operate. Less than 40 cars requires us to pay for one of their two crew (~$80 for the day). We can also opt to not have them open for business. I would like to have them open as it relieves me of the burden of providing me food and drink for day.

Your help is appreciated.


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hay dude. . .im new to this site but ive been a proud owner of a 1991 nissan 240 sx for a while. . i realy want to see this thing happen. . sounds like a freckn blast. . if i can do any thing let me know. . . i have alot of freinds that have some good hook ups and we might be able to help in a area that u might be haven trouble in. . . let me know bro. . . .
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