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Per Texas World Speedway:
Gates open at 7 AM
Track open at 8 AM
Mandatory lunch break for corner workers
Last car off track at 5 PM
We MUST be off premises by 6 PM
Concession stand will be available all day.
It is our responsibility to police the grounds.

No firearms
No illegal drugs
No pets
No skateboarding
No fuel containers greater than 5 gallons
No alcohol (SERCA rule)

Wear cotton clothing if at possible. Long sleeve shirts and denim pants are not particularly fire retardant but they won’t instantly melt to your skin like synthetic fabric should there be a fire. They also breath should the weather be warm and are somewhat insulating if it’s cool. Sandals and unshod feet are bad, m’kay? Gloves are your preference; some like ‘em, some don’t.

If you have a SNELL M95 or SA95 and newer helmet, bring it. There will probably be a few spares and you can borrow if need be. For those having to borrow, clean unadulterated hair will make you friends. Doo rags get you friends for life.

We will have a driver’s meeting at the Manor House on Thursday night at 9 PM in the conference room. There will also be a quick session before the first car goes out.

There will be a cursory inspection before allowing a car onto the track (Thursday evening and Friday morning). If the car leaks oil or coolant, or the battery is not firmly positioned, that car WILL NOT be allowed to run.

For those running stock radiators (especially Nxen), set your HVAC to defrost, full hot, full speed. I found this to be the least uncomfortable as it keeps the hot air from blowing directly on to you; a lot of it gets sucked out at the top front of the open window.

Garages are available.

Sunscreen; Folding chairs; Umbrella; Comfortable shoes; Hat/cap; Sunglasses; towels/rags;

Finally, THIS IS NOT A RACE. It is a driver education event. Be careful, be sane, be safe, be courteous.
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