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Hello Everyone,

My first time here, so be gentle :)

We have a 2005 2.5, a stock family car. For the past month or so on an intermittent basis but now occuring more frequently the air conditioner just stops blowing cold. It's as if the compressor kicks off and doesn't kick back on. On occasion after kicking off, it will kick back in after 10 or 15 minutes.

I have found this past weekend, that if I stop the car, shut it off and restart, this appears to correct the issue, but this work-a-round is not consistent.

It almost seems like a relay is tripping and then needs to be reset in some fashion. When the A/C does work, it's works really well; cold enough for my wife to put on a sweater on a hot Virginia day.

Any advice or suggestions on what to look for will be certainly appreciated.

Kindest Regards to All,

Bill Watkins -
Charlottesville, Virginia
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