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Since people come here looking for opinions on different years, I think after 4 years I would like to add my displeasures with our '04 SE quailty that should not be apparent in a 4 year old vehicle, let alone one that started out at $30k USD or some that could hit $40k with more luxury gadgets.

As far as mechanical, the SE 4WD has been fine. Granted, its only seen 25k miles in its short 4 years of service, but mechanically, the Pathfinder seems solid. Its the soft parts that I can't believe are sub par, in my eyes.

Door seals, fender flares, and running board steps, not up to par, as far as I'm concerned. Out driver's door door seal is not designed right and is folding in on itself again. Had it replaced at the 2 year point (no problems) and 2 years later the new one is doing the same thing the original one did. The seal is folding wrong at the bend in the front door causing an inproper seal. I don't see any leaks, but the seal is deformed, upsetting.

The rear door body seal is not behaving either. Either it has shrunk or it just isn't designed right, but it pulls away from its seam. I clean my seals every time I wash the car. I use 303 Aerospace Protectant. I just think the seals is too short for the area it is suppose to follow. Again, upsetting.

One of the rear fender flares is pulling away from the body. The rubber trim piece that covers the seems is showing some cracking and might be the culprit, but none of the other flares are having this issue. I guess I need to get in there with some better double stick tape. The same might go for the rear doo seal too.

Yes, the truck is 4 years old. It has seen 3 years in CO and 1 in OH and gone through winter in both places. The issues I have I wasn't expecting on a $30k vehicle. I feel sorry for LE or QX4 onwers becuase the same issues I have can easily plague them and they shelled out for more money for the same parts.

I'm not getting rid of the PF becuase of this things, but I wonder what I can expect over the next 4 years? :(

Anyone else have similar findings?
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