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I recently had my check engine light come on and took my truck in to the dealer for evaluation. I was told that a hose that goes to the intake had cracked and was leaking. I was told that it had to be replaced immediately. I just spoke with the dealer and they are working on it and said it is going to take a little longer because they had to partially dis-assemble the intake manifold to get the new hose installed. I haven't found any recalls for this issue.

My concern is that I have a truck that is 6 months old and now it has to have what sounds like quite an extensive repair job. Do I need to be concerned with the quality of their work or worry that I'm going to have more problems in the future? Anyone else out there have this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Ps. For what it's worth I'm not very good with working on cars...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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