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Re: My Bad

stealthb14 said:

The Pathy and the Murano will be sold side-by-side for a year or two, until the Pathy is redesigned. Nissan's final SUV lineup will be (I think):
  • Pathfinder (Larger)
  • Murano
  • Maybe the X-Trail
  • Xterra
You're right. I just got back from the Nissan dealer and that's what they told me. He had a picture of the new Pathfinder- looks good- and big. The sales rep told me that it's so big it won't fit in their showroom.

I just picked up a new Murano today. :D Love it. It's parked right next to my Pontiac GTP. :D My wife thinks she's going to take out the GTP in the Murano- just cause it has 245BHP. ;)

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Woo! Its good to be right...even if it was almost a year ago.

The murano does look like a blend of the 04 Max and the a wagon the beauty of AWD.

Congrats on your purchase 03-Murano!
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