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I just had my timing chains, cam shaft, sprocket etc replaced on my car. It has 98K miles. The service department called and stated that I needed a new battery since it was weak and needed a strong battery to get my ECM programmed. I now have been told that the ECM is bad. The symptoms are: when it is a cold start, it starts up fine. When the engine is warm and started, the rmp goes to 1200 and then drops to almost quitting. Service department states they have run diagnostics in oxygen sensor and idle air control. Maintains that the ECM needs to be replaced I don't want to spend 1,000 dollars unnecessarily. I have been told by some that when the timing and camshaft was replaced, that the ECM did not have to be reprogrammed and that if the tech tried to update the ECM, it could have burnt it out. Also if the battery was low like they said, the reprogramming the ECM could have burnt it out as well... Sorry to be wordy, but wanted to get all the info to you so you could respond. Thanks for any help
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