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I work at Carlisle Events in Pennsylvania. We're looking to attract more clubs as well as more current cars to our Import/Kit show. This show is not a "Hot Import Nights" style show (that's what our Custom Compact show is all about) - this is a more vintage and motorsports oriented show. Traditionally it has attracted British, German, French, and Italian car enthusiasts. We're currently looking to grow the show and would like more Japanese cars in particular.

In this spirit, we're offering a deal to attract more club support.

Any club that can register 25 members at the show will receive the following for the show:

Free club tent
Free entrance into the road rally
Free entrance into the autocross competition

The tent is 20 by 20 feet, plus you will be given enough space around the tent for 25 cars to park.

The road rally is a trip through scenic central Pennsylvania countryside. A map and pace notes will be provided.

The autocross will be held on the new Carlisle Road Course - not on a parking lot. Each driver will get a minimum of four runs. Normal SCCA classes will be run, and there will be prizes for 1st through 3rd place in each class.

The 2003 Carlisle Import/Kit Show will be held May 16-18, 2003. The fee to enter a car for 2002 was $10 if you preregistered, and $20 if you registered on the day you arrive. We expect these prices to remain the same for next year.

Hope to see you there!
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