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I'm hoping someone on this board can help me out. While cruising at speeds between 80km/h to 100km/h, my altima will all of the sudden shut down, power and engine will cut. Luckily the car is still rolling, and turning the ignition and restarting the car will get the car running.

I have taken the car to the dealership several times, however after many test drives and computer tests, they cannot locate the problem. I have called Nissan Canada head office directly, and they are of no help.

THe car is relatively new, with under 30,000 km milage. This should not be happening, and is in fact a very serious problem.

Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, what was the problem..

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wow man that sounds bad, i doubt this has happened to anyone else before,
but you can still check the altima section of this site, if i was in ur position, (u def have a warranty), id give it back, and grab an 05, and ask for my money back the whole time that car has been givin me trouble.
Sorry to hear that man, and damn it must be scary to be goin that fast, then it shuts off.

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Sounds like it might be the crank position sensor. Make sure you have the dealer check and see if all of the recalls have been done to your car. Well known issue surrounding the crank sensor.

Be sure to check out the L31 Altima section for some more info.
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