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Bulletins for 2002 Nissan-Datsun Sentra SE-R Spec V L4-2.5L DOHC MFI

Safety Recalls
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title

03-124 DEC 03 Recall - Engine Sensor Replacement
03-112 DEC 03 Recall - ECM Case Modification
03-070A SEP 03 Recall - Exhaust System Fire Hazard
02-029 MAR 02 Recall - Floor Mat
01-089 JAN 02 Recall - Headlamp Tamperproof Adjustment Caps Omitted

Service Bulletins
TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title

00-052C APR 04 Engine Controls - ECM Replacement Procedures
03-093A MAR 04 Engine/Transmission - Precautions During R&R Procedure
04-035 MAR 04 A/T - Abnormal Shifting
04-004A MAR 04 Engine - No Start After Cold Soak
04-018 FEB 04 Cooling System - Leaks/Overheating
04-016 FEB 04 Alternator - Noise After Engine Shut-Down
04-015 FEB 04 Engine Controls - Erratic Poor Idle Quality
03-106 NOV 03 Engine - Drive Belt Tensioner Service Precautions
00-006C OCT 03 Engine Controls - ECM Reprogramming
99-022C AUG 03 Interior - Seat Belt Latch Plate Button Missing
03-074 JUL 03 Lighting - Headlamp Fogging
00-033A JUN 03 Brakes - Judder/Vibration Diagnosis/Repair
03-033A JUN 03 Brakes - Noise/Judder/Abnormal Pedal Feel
99-048H MAY 03 Battery - Testing/Equipment/Replacement Applications
03-052 MAY 03 M/T - Shift Boot Damaged
03-035 APR 03 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0102/P1102 Stored
03-005A FEB 03 A/C - Heater Case Doors Flapping Noise/Sticking
03-015 FEB 03 M/T - Required Fluid
99-020C FEB 03 Vehicle - Flat Towing Recommendations
00-056B NOV 02 A/T - Mandatory Oil Cooler Cleaning
99-063C NOV 02 Antitheft System - Description/Key Registration
02-113 OCT 02 Engine Controls - Hard/No Start/Rough Idle When Freezing
02-074A OCT 02 Lighting - Turn Signals Flash Too Quickly
02-082 AUG 02 Engine Controls - MIL ON/Low Power/Poor Running
02-068 JUN 02 Body - Water Leaks In Trunk Area
02-067 JUN 02 Engine - Head Gasket Handling Precautions
02-053 MAY 02 Headlamp (Plastic) - Cloudy/Hazy Appearance
02-039 APR 02 Tachometer - Needle on Wrong Side of Stop Pin
02-033 MAR 02 Emissions System - MIL ON/DTC P1491 (EVAP) Stored
02-032 MAR 02 Essential Tool - OBD II Connector Kit
01-074A MAR 02 Engine - Dies at Idle/Stumbles/MIL ON/DTC P0340 Set
02-011A MAR 02 Engine Coolant - Special Refilling Tool
01-069A MAR 02 Brake Caliper (Rear) - Clunk/Rattle/Knocking Noises
01-073B MAR 02 Radio - Ignition Static Noise
02-008 JAN 02 Special Tools - Flywheel/Flexplate Sockets
01-035 JAN 02 MIL ON - DTC P1444 EVAP Purge Volume Control S/V
01-087A DEC 01 Paint - Removal of Environmental Particles
00-037B JUN 01 Steering - Pull/Drift


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thank you. I'll sticky this.

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are these service bulletins something that I need to fix myself, or are they fixes that suppose to be done by nissan or a dealer??

I noticed for my 02' it idles rough (around where it should rpm wise - but just not smooth like it did when first bought it) and it doesn't really smooth out until after i have driven it down the road a while. I just didn't know if this is something I need to take it to dealer for.


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if one of these is at a dealer, persay would they have fixed it already? Should i ask or would they not be fixed? THey should... but i still would like to know...

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TSB means they will fix it if it breaks. Recall means it must be done before the vehicle is sold. The fuel pump is turning out to be the biggest annoyance for Spec V owners other than the tranny. The fuel pump will make it so yoru car tries to turn over but does not and continues to crank.

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I didn't realize that the Leaking Trunk was a TSB I'm still trying to figure how to fix it (I guess I'll have to regasket the entire trunk.. . The Purge Control/Valve needs to be recalled that's to common

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