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Hey all,
My 97 Sentra w/ 160,000 miles had the water pump blow, and was leaking oil and anti-freeze from the timing covers. I drive 30,000 miles a year, and the thought of breaking down on the highway casues nausea.
I'm now an owner of a 2002 pre-owned GXE. I read a couple things regarding backlights on the factory CD player (mine is broken, but I have a 90 day bumper to bumper from the dealer). My sunglasses holder had some pieces rattling behind it, the dealer ordered that part.
I don't think I have a factory upgraded stereo, but maybe I do?! In the trunk there are 2 speakers, plus a 3rd larger one next to the driver side speaker, which I'm assuming is a sub? Does anyone know if a sub was offered w/ out the rockford-fosgate system? I also have pillar tweaters. I'm curious as to what the translucent white box is in the trunk right next to the passenger side rear speaker?
I also read that is not uncommon for the MAF to go on this car? I'm a little worried, the car has 70,000 miles. Any experiences w/ this?
All in all I'm pleased w/ the car, the leather wrapped steering wheel, the 15" and wider tires, the more powerful motor, and remote trunk release are all big upgrades from my old 97 GLE.
I guess I'm just wondering if I'm missing anything, is there anything I should be on the look out for? Common problems? Not so obvious issues? Anything anyone can think of I should check for on a new* USED car would be greatly appreciated! I'm new to the B15.

Thanks a lot,
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