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2002 Nissan Max 3.5 making strange noise

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So I posted a link to my video...I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima with the 3.5VQ engine...Over the last few months it started making a noise from the front on the side where the serpentine belt is...It sounds like a bad bearing....I've had SO many problems with this car. When I first bought it in August 2007, the passenger side bearing went bad...That was fixed at a cost of $400.00 parts and labor...Then in march 2008, the transmission went bad...Started with the Input shaft bearing, then downhilll from there...$3500 dollars later....It's driving but now it's making this new noise...Can anyone help me, listen carefully, the video is on YOUTUBE...Thanks,

YouTube - 3.5 SE VQ engine strange noise
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The VQs are notorious for bad timing chains and guides! It's quite possible that your 3.5s chains and guides are going this route too. You probably don't wanna hear this but I think you should take it a reputable Nissan dealership for a proper diagnosis. Hopefully it's not these items I mentioned.
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