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I have a 2002 GXE Sentra, does anyone happen to know the interior colors that were available in that year?

I was under the impression you could go w/ SAND or MIDNIGHT. My interior plastic parts (dash etc, are more of a brown, and my carpets seem gray, but not dark gray, almost a brownish gray.

With those two components I assumed I had "SAND" interior, but my sand floor mats I just ordered are BEIGE BEIGE. Probably about 5 shades off from my gray/brown combo.

They were brand-new OEM mats from ebay.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated, I will utlimately throw these back on eBay and probably just purchase from the dealer for $70+ tax (does this sound reasonable price for floor mats)?

Ebay mats were $42 after shipping, but it was the only listing.

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