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My marker and running light burned out and I needed to get the headlight assembly out. The 2002 Frontier design requires you to do the took me an hour to figure it out but let me spread the word.

1) Remove the 2 obvious bolts supporting the assembly

2) Behind the assembly, you'll see a large plastic clip that the assembly snaps into. Lets call this area of the assembly CORNER 1....side closest to radiator

3) With a screw driver, carefully lift the tab locking the plastic tab that goes over a plastic body coming from the headlight assembly. At the same time move the headlight forward and the headlight will release itself. This tab/clip is a retainer for the headlight assembly.

4) This last step took 50 minutes to figure out...didn't want to damage assembly. There is a plastic rod on the bottom of the assembly opposite the area I called corner 1. This rod goes into a retainer (teflon looking) grommet in a bracket. All that is needed is to pry carefully the assembly on the side of the headlight assembly near the quarter panel with a scew driver and the rod pops out and so does the headlight assembly.

So keep in mind...there are 2 anchor points at the rear of the headlight assembly and they are both along the bottom at each corner.

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