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2002 2.5 altima wheels offset etc question

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hey guys i am looking at getting 18's but i dont want to end up losing acceleration should i go with 17's?..if so what offset etc do i need ...and what are the best all around tires now and days?
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if i get a 45 offset i should be able to run 245 45? i am planning on dropping it atleast an inch
well i have pretty much decided on 18x8 45 offset now i have to decide on the springs... i honestly want to drop it as much as possible but i dont want to high center my car on speed bumps you guys suggest the sportline or the pro kit...keep in mind i have a 4cyl which is a tad lighter then the 3.5 :cheers:
LOL... :)
I'm talking about the set I got after
I sold you those Mille Miglia's...
Dizamn, I've had so many wheels on that
car I lose count... :crazy:

My current goal is to find some lightweight
17 x 9's with the right offset and run some 255's
on them...

looking at 18x7 tsw catalunya with 245 45 with 42 offset probably drop it like 2 inchs should work huh?
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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