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2001Maxima upgrades

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For the past 4 years I've enjoyed my '01 Maxima (5spd.),but now I've been thinking about a modest boost in power (25-30 hp.) Any suggestions how to achieve this and not affect reliability ? Any comments about performance chips or electronic supercharger (e-Ram) ? Thanks ! :)
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Electronic superchargers have been tested many times by reputable places and found to be worthless.

You can remove the precats in the secondary pipe (aka, y-pipe)... I'd grab the Cattman or Custommaxima one myself. (or Warpspeed...). Definitely not 30hp though, even when combined with intake and a cat-back exhaust-- it could be close, though. Intake/y-pipe/catback/cams might be another 30whp+ at the high-end, though, although I have not personally verified this myself.

AFAIK there are no ECU upgrades for the 1999.5-through-2001 cars yet. Jim Wolf Technology (JWT) and Technosquare (TS) are the only two companies with ECU upgrades that actually do anything to the 1995+ Maxima, and they haven't bothered to devote the resources to it yet.
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