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Thinking on replacing my very old and tired 93 Toyota truck. Previously had a Nissan truck YEARS ago and drove it until top end needed fixed. Great truck until then...MT.

Prospecting the Frontier truck market. Reading on the 2005 and newer V6 4.0 L (VQ40DE) had issues with timing chains, coolant cross contamination and cat converters causing lowered compression and hi oil comsumption. Seeing mostly automatics.

Wondering what issues/reliability concerns I should have with a higher mileage ....161K...2001 V6 ( VG33E ) automatic tranny...seeing that these had timing belts vs chains. What should I look out for specifically if I'm shopping this way.

Any ideas of tips for a Frontier shopper who doesn't want to spend more than about $12K.....knowing the issues with the VQ40DE should I bite this way at lower miles and higher price or is an older VG33E with more miles and lower price a better option?

Starting my search....but feeling the itch and trying not to be impetuous.
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