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Bro to be honest with you, a VQ motor by itself will cost in the ladder end $3,000.00 by itself. You would be forced to use the VQ tranny because the VQ35 would twist the SR20 tranny like a candy cane if you EVER stomped on the go pedal ONE-TIME. Plus it cound never mount up to a VQ. A bunch of guys are doing swaps, YES, but they are staying in the same size/weight class (basically) just adding a turbo maybe 15-25 additional pounds added weight for all parts. Look at this for a minute, I have a 227hp VQ A33. The B15 SR turbo is rated at 230hp (black top). You have squashed my STOCK NO MODS this is all STOCK! Some bolt ons and you may be in the ladder end of 250hp! I AM NOT A MOTOR EXPERT OR PRO JUST ASK THE GUYS HERE THAT KNOW WHO I AM! I would bet you though ALL of them would agree with me! Your dad might spend 12 grand getting a VQ into a B15 (parts & labor) on a 20 grand car? Do NOT take this as I am hating on it I have a B15 too So I can pop both hoods side by side and look at what ALL is involved :( . Get a black top SR20DET, harness, & ECU it will mount right up to your current tranny will NOT really screw up your cars weight ratio at all and I think at MAXIMUM you will spend about 4 Grand $$$. You would be known as "The-Man" that made a wiser choice! Mail me at home it you want some engine shop links that sell these motors. [email protected] Greg.
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