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I purchased this car new and have approx 207K on it. About 3 months ago the air cond developed an intermittent hissing sound...I've narrowed the noise down to when the air or defroster is on. The noise generally happens only for a split second, generally on the highway, and actually makes the engine miss for a split second.

Unable to stand this any longer I took the car to the shop and was relieved to hear from the mechanic there is nothing wrong with the air cond system other than low in freon(?) or whatever they use now. He told me there was only 165ml in the system and it required 650ml. System topped up and car ready to go.

In less than 50km the car was back to acting up just like it acted up before the air cond top up.

The air temp is still cold, its just this annoying bloody 'phifff' sound and slight eng miss when this happens. Generally speaking I commute 36km to work and this happens a dozen times.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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