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Help me help my girlfriend maintain her car :) I'm taking time from work to write this post, so if you guys are willing to post links to other threads that answer these questions, I'd definitely appreciate it.

1. There's a squeak/rattle coming from the engine bay. It's primarily present on cold-starts, but lately it's present even when the engine is warm. I've suspected an old accessory and / or power steering belt for months, but put it off. I popped the hood and glanced at the belts expecting to see cracking and signs of age. To my surprise, the belts looked fine (from what I could see). I'll be replacing the belts tonight. It looks like I'll have to work the accessory belt around the fan... Any tips?

2. The car is approaching 120k miles. Are there any write-ups for do-it-yourselfers?

3. How often should the rear differential fluid be changed (normal driving) and what fluid is best? (The car is strictly RWD)

Thanks guys. Sorry again about not searching for these answers.


*edit* I should also mention than the AC line that runs over the top of the passenger side of the engine appeared to have a strange green residue on it near one of the thread-on plastic caps. What on earth could that be? haha
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