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2000 pathfinder heater display malfunctioning

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Hello all I have an issue I was hoping someone may have encountered before ... Not holding my breath though .

So I bought this pathfinder from some guy who told me the previous owned had totaled it out 13 years ago, dunno if that's relevant to my issue or not just putting it out there.

The heater has been hooked up to a toggle switch and only blows on the highest setting regardless of the displays indicator . But in the last few days the fan on the display has very very rapidly been cycling through the settings 1-4. I mean like crack speed . I don't know if that has any correlation to my very recent over heating issues... Or if it's of any importance at all. The heater continues to blow on high regardless of what that display is doing. It would be nice to have the different settings but not sure if the toggle switch is going to prevent that , or why they even connected it to begin with.
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