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Hey guys, my names Frankie I'm about to be 17 and I just got my first car a nissan maxima GLE! At first I was looking to get a 2003-2006 altima 2.5s, but came across this (my father's friend's car) and couldn't pass it up. Its a 2000 with 92000 miles, black with a dark tan interior, and has a sunroof. I just wanted to let ya guys know i'll be roaming the forums because i'm sure ill have some questions. First question is for a spoiler. I feel the car is incomplete without one, so does anyone know how I should go about finding one. My Second question is wheels and tires. What do you guys think about aftermarket, I don't wanna be too flashy, but maybe I could get a nice set of used wheels/tires. Thanks in advance,

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