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First off, Hello. Glad to be a part of your world here!

I just acquired a 99 Path XE 2WD and a 99 Infiniti QX4 4WD. Both have the VG33E.
I have dragging windows on both front doors on both cars. I've looked around the forums here but no one really addresses all the possibilities. Any chance it's just bushings? Or needs lube, or is is a failed window guide/seal? Are there any known repair kits the dealer sells?
I'm gonna pull it apart and fix it, but I'd like to be a little more prepared for what I'll find. I work on VW's and they are "otherworldly" compared to the Nissan product line .
The QX4 sunroof makes a chattering noise at the end of its travel only sometimes but it is VERY loud and embarrassing. Is this setup driven by worm gear cables or gears and tracks or what? Again, any known repair kits or do I need a whole new sunroof setup?
The Q has 1-touch windows for both fronts but the Path does not. Is this feature a function of the window switches or is it in the motor itself (like a module)? If I were to swap out switches from another more "loaded" car would I get the 1-touch feature?
Thanks for your help. As I get more familiar with my R50's I'll post with any answers I can and hopefully be able to return the help I get here. I have access to Mitchell/Alldata/Shopkey, so I might have some info you guys could use.
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