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Hey guys,
I just recently bought an '89 Nissan HB, 4 cyl, 5 speed, 2wd, and so far
Im lovin' it. I noticed a steady dripping leak after getting home today coming
from somewhere around the back driver side of the engine to the area where
the engine meets the tranny. I got underneath and looked but couldnt tell where
as it was getting dark. I know thats some vague info, but is there a common leak
I should know about? It did stop leaking after a little while, but left a fairly good
sized puddle. Any ideas? I do plan on checking it out in the daylight tomorrow to
see if I can find the culprit.

Also, the truck had no radio when I bought it. I have installed radios, amps,
speakers, etc myself since high school, but this one has me puzzled. The
previous owner had some crazy rigging with those wires to where its hard
to tell what was part of the factory harness and whats not. I did go out and
buy a new radio but without knowing which wire is the accessory power I
cant hook it up (correctly). Anyone know what wire is the accesory power
in the factory harness, or is there another easily tapped into switched power
source I could use for the accessory wire on the stereo?

I do plan on getting a manual for it ASAP.


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sure enough, the green wire was the accessory wire i needed, thanks
for the tip.

also found out that the rear most screw/bolt closer to the driver fender
that holds the valve cover down is actually missing. i would imagine that
would leave a decent sized gap for oil to leak from down the rear of the
engine and drip on the ground so ill get that replaced asap.
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