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This is for the guys who put a 2.5" catback on their Spec V. Two questions:

Did you notice a reduction in low end power, did it increase, or did it remain the same?

Did you notice that the engine reved better/quicker to the top of the RPM range?

I am trying to figure out what size works better. Stromung puts a 2.25 diameter on their system. Seems like they would have tested a 2.5" and a 2.25 sytem.

The Spec V has good low end and midrange torque. It seems to flatten out at higher RPMs. Maybe the larger pipe would improve the top end with negligable affect down lower.

Any comments would be helpful. Thanks.

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BlackoutSpecV said:
2 1/2 is to large. Go with the Stromung 2 1/4 setup. I have heard nothing but good things about it.
2.25 is the right size if you are just going to use bolt on mods. If you are planning to use nitrous I would go with the 2.5. ;)
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