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I'm having a problem that is occurring in my 95 Nissan Maxima.

We have been driving it probably 2 years with a Transmission Issue. Driving it has not caused it to get worse or better.

The Maxima shifts very late from 1st Gear. It almost seems as if it skips 2nd Gear and goes into 3rd. 3rd Gear of course pulls very slow, and seems as if it very very slightly may increase speed in waves that occur second by second.

After that it stays in 3rd Gear, and I run around 3500- 4000 RPM at about 60 on the high way.

If I lift off the Gas, the RPM's go very low. About 1x a day, the Speedometor will give out and not work for around 10-20 seconds.

I put my car in Drive, 1, 2 and they both work fine, no reverse issues...
I'm trying to figure out how to resolve the Transmission Issue so that the car shifts properly from 1st and goes into 4th properly while on the highway.

My car supposedly threw errors including O2 sensors, Knock Sensor, and a non specific Transmission error.

Any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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